Neon Glitz Grenade in Aloe Gel

A Glitz Grenade is the supreme weapon of choice in your party arsenal. It`s an explosion of sexy sparkles, designed to obliterate dullness upon detonation. Whether you`re on the front line or in the trenches in this war against boredom, Neva Nude has you covered. Pop the safety lever, and Wham! Bam! Now You`re Glam!!

    -DETONATE your Bombshell Sparkle anywhere, anytime with this on-the-go Glitz Grenade Keychain.
        -Sharing is caring! Wham, Bam, and Glitz Glam your friends!
    -Easy Application - use your finger (wash your grubo hands first) or buy a Neva Nude make-up brush bc you fancy!
    -ALARMING amts of glitter are inside! Each Grenade contains 1.8oz of super sparkle sexiness!
    -BLOW AWAY the competition with our high intensity pigment COSMIC GRADE glitter and pure aloe vera magical solution. Your skin will feel like it’s bathing in dewdrops!
   -DESTROY DULLNESS: Our Glitz Grenade glitters can be used on the body, face, and hair!. Make your eyes POP by creating a winged look, or exude elegance with dramatic cheek highlights. Create an EXPLOSION of sexy sparkles across chest, shoulders, and anywhere you want to SHINE!
    -COORDINATE with an ARSENAL of  Neva Nude Products (Crystals, Nipztix, BodiStix, MiniStix, Knix, and all of the sparkly, badass things! ) for a WINNING look.
    -WARNING! Do not place glitter near the eye area! This product is not for children (except those at )
    -FEMININE WEAPONS  MASTERS can also purchase loose glitter in the Glitz Grenade.

    3" Tall
    2" Wide
    Keychain Length: 1.5"

    ?Wash off with warm water and skin friendly soap :)