If you shift through personalities and shapes like the lethal, stunning, and sexy mutant, then these iridescent clear winged Mystique In Your Face! Edition BodiStix are sure to start a revolution!

Pro-Tip: Be sure to pair with Glitz Grenande, Nipztix, and BodiStix for the ultimate look!

Note: If you LOVE the shape, be sure to check out Night Hawk, Golden Eye, and Phoenix Crystals!

“Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation.” -Nikola Tesla…
Show your inner sparkle on the outside with these beautiful single-use, easy to apply Crystal FaceStix.  You are a force of life to be reckoned with, and whether your nature is that of a mermaid, fairy, nymph, goddess, or bad-ass bae, Neva Nude has you covered.
Pro-Tip: Pair with matching Nipztix, BodiStix, and Glitz Grenade to complete your look!
P.S. Geology Rocks! LULZ

    Self-adhering with an easy, peasy application
    They are the sparkliest, most majestic, magical BodiStix ever!
    Live out your princess/fairy/goddess fantasy OR perfect your rave/festival fashion!
    They literally create a ‘treasure chest’ LOL