Spandex Pantyhose

This multi-use pantyhose is made with 80% Nylon and 20% LYCRA spandex for maximum elasticity and greater durability. It`s often called sheer support pantyhose because of the spandex, compared to regular 100% nylon stockings. A must-have for traditional proper dress-code. May help minimize the appearance of undesirable panty lines, uneven skin tone, or occasional unshaved hair. Multi use pantyhose, once pantyhose are damage, cut and use as panty.
Color: Choose from Beige, California Sun, French Coffee, French Nude, Jetblack, or Offblack.
The brand "Duesang" is in U.S.A.
Lycra Brand Only By DuPont
Made in Korea

Hand wash separately
Do not bleach
Drip dry
Comes in One sizes (90-160 Lbs) Plus Sizes Queen, (165-250lbs )